Instance Method


Handle a request for new filtering rules.


- (void)handleNewFlow:(NEFilterFlow *)flow completionHandler:(void (^)(NEFilterControlVerdict *))completionHandler;



A NEFilterFlow object containing details about the flow of network content.


A block to be executed when the rules have been updated.


The system calls this method when the Filter Data Provider indicates that it needs more rules before making a decision about a new flow.

The Filter Control Provider is expected to fetch new rules and write them to disk in a location that is readable by the Filter Data Provider. In addition to updating the rules, the Filter Control Provider can itself make a pass/block decision for the new flow, and return it when executing the completionHandler block.

NEFilterControlProvider subclasses must override this method.

See Also

Handling Requests for New Rules

- notifyRulesChanged

Notify the Filter Data Provider that the filtering rules have changed on disk.