A filter provider that evaluates network packets and decides whether to block, allow, or delay the packets.


class NEFilterPacketProvider : NEFilterProvider


Filtering Packets

var packetHandler: NEFilterPacketHandler?

A closure that handles each packet received by the filter.

typealias NEFilterPacketHandler

A type for closures that make filtering decisions about network packets.

class NEFilterPacketContext

The context object provided to the filter packet handler.

enum NETrafficDirection

A type to represent the direction of network traffic.

enum NEFilterPacketProvider.Verdict

The verdict returned by a packet handler indicating what the framework should do with a packet.

Delaying Packets

func delayCurrentPacket(NEFilterPacketContext) -> NEPacket

Delay a packet currently processed by a packet handler.

func allow(NEPacket)

Allow delivery of a previously-delayed packet.


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Data and Control Providers

class NEFilterDataProvider

The principal class for a filter data provider extension.

class NEFilterControlProvider

The principal class for a filter control provider extension.

class NEFilterProvider

An abstract base class shared by content filters.