The rules and other settings that define the operation of a filter.


class NEFilterSettings : NSObject


NEFilterDataProvider instances use NEFilterSettings to communicate the desired settings for the filter to the framework. The framework takes care of applying the contained settings to the system.


Creating Filter Settings

init(rules: [NEFilterRule], defaultAction: NEFilterAction)

Creates a new settings instance from an array of rules and a default action.

class NEFilterRule

A rule for filters that combines a rule to match network traffic and an action to take when the rule matches.

Inspecting Filter Settings

var rules: [NEFilterRule]

An ordered list of rules that define the filter’s operation.

var defaultAction: NEFilterAction

The default action to take for flows of network data that don’t match any of the specified rules.


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Changing Filter Settings

func apply(NEFilterSettings?, completionHandler: (Error?) -> Void)

Applies a set of filtering rules associated with the provider and changes the default filtering action.