Additional information about data flowing through a per-app VPN provider.


class NEFlowMetaData : NSObject


This metadata is only present for data flowing through per-app VPN providers, that is, app proxy providers and packet tunnel providers in per-app VPN mode, as indicated by the routingMethod property.


Getting Source App Information

var sourceAppUniqueIdentifier: Data

A NSData object containing a unique hash value of the source application. This value changes between different versions of an application.

var sourceAppSigningIdentifier: String

An NSString containing the signing identifier of the source application.

var sourceAppAuditToken: Data?

The audit token of the source application of the flow.

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Flow Handling

class NEAppProxyTCPFlow

An object for reading and writing data to and from a TCP connection being proxied by the provider.

class NEAppProxyUDPFlow

An object for reading and writing data to and from a UDP conversation being proxied by the provider.

class NEAppProxyFlow

An abstract base class shared by NEAppProxyTCPFlow and NEAppProxyUDPFlow.

In-Provider Networking

Network APIs for use by all types of NetworkExtension providers and by hotspot helpers.

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