A manager that applies and removes hotspot configurations of Wi-Fi networks.


class NEHotspotConfigurationManager : NSObject


When your app creates a new hotspot configuration using NEHotspotConfiguration and applies it to a Wi-Fi network or attempts to update a previously configured network, the device prompts the user for approval. Without explicit user consent, your app can't make configuration changes.

Your app can use removeConfiguration(forHS20DomainName:) or removeConfiguration(forSSID:) to delete a configuration that it has added, but not a configuration added by another app or user. The user can also delete configured networks using Settings > Wi-Fi.

When your app is uninstalled, iOS removes the configurations of all networks your app has configured, including their keychain entries.

Hotspot Configuration Manager errors are listed in NEHotspotConfigurationError.


Creating Configurations

func apply(NEHotspotConfiguration, completionHandler: ((Error?) -> Void)?)

Adds or updates a Wi-Fi network configuration after prompting the user for permission, and then attempts to join the network under certain conditions.

Getting a List of Configurations

func getConfiguredSSIDs(completionHandler: ([String]) -> Void)

Returns the SSIDs or the names of the Wi-Fi hotspot domains that your app has configured and invokes an optional completion handler.

Removing Configuration

func removeConfiguration(forHS20DomainName: String)

Removes a Wi-Fi hotspot configuration, identified by a Hotspot 2.0 domain name, that your app previously added.

func removeConfiguration(forSSID: String)

Removes a Wi-Fi configuration, identified by an SSID, that your app previously added.


let NEHotspotConfigurationErrorDomain: String

The domain string for errors involving hotspot configuration.


Hotspot Configuration Entitlement

A Boolean value indicating whether your app can use the hotspot manager to configure Wi-Fi networks.



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Wi-Fi Network Configuration

class NEHotspotConfiguration

Configuration settings for a Wi-Fi network.

class NEHotspotEAPSettings

Extensible Authentication Protocol settings for configuring WPA and WPA2 enterprise Wi-Fi networks.

class NEHotspotHS20Settings

Settings for configuring Hotspot 2.0 Wi-Fi networks.