Instance Property


An array of server certificate common name strings used to verify a server’s certificate.


var trustedServerNames: [String] { get set }


If you don't configure trusted EAP server certificates using the setTrustedServerCertificates(_:) method, then you use this property to allow the EAP peer to match the Common Name in the server’s certificate with the strings configured in this property.

Any server name string may contain asterisk wildcards in constructions such as *

See Also

Accessing EAP Properties

var isTLSClientCertificateRequired: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether a network requires two-factor authentication or allows zero-factor authentication.

var supportedEAPTypes: [NSNumber]

An array of supported EAP types.

enum NEHotspotEAPSettings.EAPType

The EAP types that may be specified in supportedEAPTypes.

var username: String

The user name string for EAP authentication, encoded as UTF-8.

var password: String

The password component of the IEEE 802.1X authentication credential.

var preferredTLSVersion: NEHotspotEAPSettings.TLSVersion

The Transport Layer Security (TLS) version to use during a TLS authentication handshake.

enum NEHotspotEAPSettings.TLSVersion

The EAPTLS Version identifiers that may be specified by preferredTLSVersion.

var outerIdentity: String

The identity string to be used in the EAP-Identity/Response packet during outer EAP authentication.

var ttlsInnerAuthenticationType: NEHotspotEAPSettings.TTLSInnerAuthenticationType

The inner-layer authentication protocol used by a TTLS module.