Instance Method


Sets the client identity for EAP authentication.


func setIdentity(_ identity: SecIdentity) -> Bool



The EAP peer identity, a SecIdentityRef object that contains a SecKeyRef object and an associated SecCertificateRef object.

Return Value

Returns false if the parameter is not an object of SecIdentityRef type or if the persistent reference is not found in the application's keychain; otherwise returns true.


Your app must store SecIdentity in the keychain access group $(Team​Identifier​Prefix)com​.apple​.networkextensionsharing. The OS uses SecItemCopyMatching(_:_:) to obtain a persistent reference to this identity from the application’s keychain and uses it during EAP authentication.

See Also

Setting Keychain-based EAP Properties

func setTrustedServerCertificates([Any]) -> Bool

Sets trusted EAP server certificates for an enterprise Wi-Fi or Hotspot 2.0 network.