Extensible Authentication Protocol settings for configuring WPA and WPA2 enterprise Wi-Fi networks.


class NEHotspotEAPSettings : NSObject


Accessing EAP Properties

var isTLSClientCertificateRequired: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether a network requires two-factor authentication or allows zero-factor authentication.

var trustedServerNames: [String]

An array of server certificate common name strings used to verify a server’s certificate.

var supportedEAPTypes: [NSNumber]

An array of supported EAP types.

enum NEHotspotEAPSettings.EAPType

The EAP types that may be specified in supportedEAPTypes.

var username: String

The user name string for EAP authentication, encoded as UTF-8.

var password: String

The password component of the IEEE 802.1X authentication credential.

var preferredTLSVersion: NEHotspotEAPSettings.TLSVersion

The Transport Layer Security (TLS) version to use during a TLS authentication handshake.

enum NEHotspotEAPSettings.TLSVersion

The EAPTLS Version identifiers that may be specified by preferredTLSVersion.

var outerIdentity: String

The identity string to be used in the EAP-Identity/Response packet during outer EAP authentication.

var ttlsInnerAuthenticationType: NEHotspotEAPSettings.TTLSInnerAuthenticationType

The inner-layer authentication protocol used by a TTLS module.

Setting Keychain-based EAP Properties

func setIdentity(SecIdentity) -> Bool

Sets the client identity for EAP authentication.

func setTrustedServerCertificates([Any]) -> Bool

Sets trusted EAP server certificates for an enterprise Wi-Fi or Hotspot 2.0 network.


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