Type Method


Register the application as a Hotspot Helper.


class func register(options: [String : NSObject]? = nil, queue: DispatchQueue, handler: @escaping NEHotspotHelperHandler) -> Bool



If not nil, a NSDictionary containing kNEHotspotHelperOption* keys (currently just kNEHotspotHelperOptionDisplayName).


The dispatch_queue_t to invoke the handle block on.


The NEHotspotHelperHandler block to execute to process helper commands.

Return Value

true if the registration was successful, false otherwise


Once this API is invoked successfully, the application becomes eligible to be launched in the background and participate in various hotspot related functions.

This method should be called once when the application starts up. Invoking it again will have no effect and result in false being returned.

See Also

Registering a Hotspot Helper

let kNEHotspotHelperOptionDisplayName: String

The string displayed in Wi-Fi Settings for a network handled by the application.

typealias NEHotspotHelperHandler

The type definition for the Hotspot Helper's command handler block.