A class to register a hotspot helper.


class NEHotspotHelper : NSObject


Wi-Fi Hotspot Authentication and Configuration

The NEHotspotHelper API gives your app the ability to perform custom authentication for Wi-Fi Hotspots. It gives users a way to seamlessly connect to a large aggregated network of Wi-Fi Hotspots. The NEHotspotConfiguration API lets your app configure those hotspots.


Registering a Hotspot Helper

let kNEHotspotHelperOptionDisplayName: String

The string displayed in Wi-Fi Settings for a network handled by the application.

typealias NEHotspotHelperHandler

The type definition for the Hotspot Helper's command handler block.

Getting Hotspot Network Status

class func supportedNetworkInterfaces() -> [Any]?

Return the list of network interfaces managed by the Hotspot Helper infrastructure.

Logging Off

class func logoff(NEHotspotNetwork) -> Bool

Terminate the authentication session for a Hotspot network.


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