A command for the hotspot helper to handle.


class NEHotspotHelperCommand : NSObject


NEHotspostHelperCommand objects are passed to the the Hotspot Helper app’s command handler block. The Hotspot Helper app processes the command, instantiates an NEHotspotHelperResponse object, sets the annotated network or networkList (Evaluate or FilterScanList commands only), and then delivers the response to the system.


Command Information

var network: NEHotspotNetwork?

The network associated with the command.

var networkList: [NEHotspotNetwork]?

The list of networks associated with the command.

Networking on the Hotspot Network

func bind(to: NEHotspotHelperCommand)

Binds a URL request to the network interface associated with the hotspot helper command instance.

func createTCPConnection(NWEndpoint) -> NWTCPConnection

Create a new TCP connection over the network associated with the command.

func createUDPSession(NWEndpoint) -> NWUDPSession

Create a new UDP session over the network associated with the command.


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