Instance Method


Create a new UDP session over the network associated with the command.


func createUDPSession(_ endpoint: NWEndpoint) -> NWUDPSession



The remote host and port of the session.

Return Value

A UDP session that will connect over the network associated with the command.


The UDP session is started automatically. Use KVO to observe the session’s state property to be notified when the session is ready to send and receive UDP datagrams. For information about KVO see Key-Value Observing Programming Guide.

See Also

Networking on the Hotspot Network

func bind(to: NEHotspotHelperCommand)

Binds a URL request to the network interface associated with the hotspot helper command instance.

func createTCPConnection(NWEndpoint) -> NWTCPConnection

Create a new TCP connection over the network associated with the command.

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