Information about a Wi-Fi network associated with a command or a response.


class NEHotspotNetwork : NSObject


When the Hotspot Helper app is asked to evaluate the a network or filter the Wi-Fi scan list, it annotates the NEHotspotNetwork object via the setConfidence: method.


Network Information

var ssid: String

The SSID for the Wi-Fi network.

var bssid: String

The BSSID for the Wi-Fi network.

var signalStrength: Double

The recent signal strength for the Wi-Fi network.

var isSecure: Bool

Indicates whether the network is secure

var didAutoJoin: Bool

Indicates whether the network was joined automatically or was joined explicitly by the user.

var didJustJoin: Bool

Indicates whether the network was just joined.

var isChosenHelper: Bool

Indicates whether the calling Hotspot Helper is the chosen helper for this network.

Network Annotation

func setConfidence(NEHotspotHelperConfidence)

Indicate the level of confidence in being able to handle the network.

func setPassword(String)

Provide the password for a protected network.


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