A VPN On Demand rule that evaluate the app’s connection to determine whether to run its action.


class NEOnDemandRuleEvaluateConnection : NEOnDemandRule


When rules of this class match, the properties of the network connection being established are matched against a set of connection rules. The action of the matched rule (if any) is used to determine whether or not the VPN will be started.


Accessing Connection Rules

class NEEvaluateConnectionRule

NEEvaluateConnectionRule associates properties of network connections with an action.


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class NEOnDemandRuleConnect

A VPN On Demand rule that connects the VPN.

class NEOnDemandRuleDisconnect

A VPN On Demand rule that disconnects the VPN.

class NEOnDemandRuleIgnore

A VPN On Demand rule that doesn’t change the status of the VPN.

class NEOnDemandRule

A base class shared by all VPN On Demand rules.

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