Instance Property


The configuration of the current tunneling session.


var protocolConfiguration: NEVPNProtocol { get }


The configuration is created by the containing app of the Tunnel Provider using the NETunnelProviderManager class, or by the ingestion of a or a configuration profile payload. See the NETunnelProviderManager class for more details.

For NEPacketTunnelProvider subclasses and NEAppProxyProvider subclasses, this property will be set to a NETunnelProviderProtocol object.

NETunnelProvider subclasses can observe this property using KVO to be notified when the configuration changes. For details see Key-Value Observing Programming Guide.

See Also

Getting the Tunnel Configuration

var routingMethod: NETunnelProviderRoutingMethod

The method by which network traffic is routed to the tunnel.

var appRules: [NEAppRule]?

The app rules dictating which apps will use the current tunneling session.