Instance Property


The duration of the lifetime of the Security Association, in minutes.


var lifetimeMinutes: Int32 { get set }


The default is 60 for IKE Security Associations, and 30 for Child Security Associations. Before the end of the lifetime is reached, IKEv2 will attempt to negotiate new keys for the Security Association in order to maintain the IKEv2 session.

See Also

IKEv2 Security Association Parameters

var encryptionAlgorithm: NEVPNIKEv2EncryptionAlgorithm

The algorithm used by the Security Association to encrypt and decrypt data.

var integrityAlgorithm: NEVPNIKEv2IntegrityAlgorithm

The algorithm used by the Security Association to verify the integrity of data.

var diffieHellmanGroup: NEVPNIKEv2DiffieHellmanGroup

The Diffie Hellman group used by the Security Association.