A delegate protocol to customize the TLS authentication done by a connection.


protocol NWTCPConnectionAuthenticationDelegate


A delegate is not required for an NWTCPConnection object.


Delegate Methods

func shouldEvaluateTrust(for: NWTCPConnection) -> Bool

Indicate that the delegate should override the default trust evaluation for the connection

func shouldProvideIdentity(for: NWTCPConnection) -> Bool

Indicate that the delegate can provide an identity for the connection authentication

func provideIdentity(for: NWTCPConnection, completionHandler: (SecIdentity, [Any]) -> Void)

Provide the identity and an optional certificate chain to be used for authentication


Inherits From

See Also

TCP Connections

class NWTCPConnection

An object to manage a TCP connection, with or without TLS.

class NWTLSParameters

TLS properties for creating a connection.

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