Instance Method


Provide the identity and an optional certificate chain to be used for authentication


optional func provideIdentity(for connection: NWTCPConnection, completionHandler completion: @escaping (SecIdentity, [Any]) -> Void)



The connection sending this message


The completion handler for passing an identity and certificate chain to the connection. The identity is required and must not be nil. The certificateChain argument is optional, and is an array of one or more SecCertificate objects. The certificate chain must contain objects of type SecCertificateRef only. If the certificate chain is set, it will be used. Otherwise, the leaf certificate will be extracted from the SecIdentity object and will be used for authentication.

The caller is responsible for keeping the argument object(s) valid for the duration of the completion handler invocation.


Optional. If this method is not implemented, the default certificate evaluation will be used.

See Also

Delegate Methods

func shouldEvaluateTrust(for: NWTCPConnection) -> Bool

Indicate that the delegate should override the default trust evaluation for the connection

func shouldProvideIdentity(for: NWTCPConnection) -> Bool

Indicate that the delegate can provide an identity for the connection authentication