An instance of the NKIssue class represents an issue of a newsstand content application.


class NKIssue : NSObject


An NKIssue object must have a name and a date. When you create the object using the addIssue(withName:date:) method of the NKLibrary class, you must supply these two values. In addition, an NKIssue object can be associated with one or more assets that are downloading. These assets are represented by NKAssetDownload objects, which you create and associate with the issue by calling the addAsset(with:) method. If there are downloading assets, the NKIssue object has a status of NKIssueContentStatus.downloading.

As assets are being downloaded for an issue, you should put the processed (for example, unarchived or assembled) issue assets in the sandbox file-system location identified by contentURL. After all downloads of assets for an issue have completed, NKIssue posts the NKIssueDownloadCompleted notification which objects in an application can observe.


Managing Issue Assets

func addAsset(with: URLRequest) -> NKAssetDownload

Adds an asset to the list of assets to be downloaded and returns an instance representing that asset.

var downloadingAssets: [NKAssetDownload]

Returns the assets that are currently downloading for the newsstand issue.

Accessing the Location of Issue Content

var contentURL: URL

The location in the application sandbox where issue content should be stored.

Accessing Attributes of an Issue

var status: NKIssueContentStatus

The status of the newsstand issue.

var date: Date

The date of the newsstand issue.

var name: String

The name of the newsstand issue.


enum NKIssueContentStatus

The status of the newsstand issue.


static let NKIssueDownloadCompleted: NSNotification.Name

Posted when all assets of the issue have been downloaded.


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