Instance Method


Returns an issue of the newsstand content library specified by name.


func issue(withName name: String) -> NKIssue?



The name of an issue.

Return Value

An instance of NKIssue representing the issue or nil if the issue couldn’t be retrieved—for example, if an issue of that name doesn’t exist in the library.

See Also

Managing Library Issues

func addIssue(withName: String, date: Date) -> NKIssue

Creates a newsstand issue and adds it to the content library.

var currentlyReadingIssue: NKIssue?

Accesses or sets the newsstand issue that the user is currently reading.

func removeIssue(NKIssue)

Removes the specified issue from the newsstand content library.

var issues: [NKIssue]

Returns the current issues of the newsstand content library.