Instance Method


Creates a newsstand issue and adds it to the content library.


func addIssue(withName name: String, date: Date) -> NKIssue



The name of the newsstand issue. This parameter is required and the name must be unique across all issues in the library.


The date the newsstand issue was released. This parameter is required.

Return Value

An instance of the NKIssue class or nil if the instance couldn’t be created.


The created issue is automatically added to the newsstand content library. Issues are ordered by their release date. The release date of an issue can be a factor when Newsstand Kit must delete back issues because of low levels of available flash storage.

This method throws an exception if the name and date parameters are nil or are otherwise not valid objects. It also throws an exception if you pass in an issue name that is used by another issue.

See Also

Managing Library Issues

var currentlyReadingIssue: NKIssue?

Accesses or sets the newsstand issue that the user is currently reading.

func removeIssue(NKIssue)

Removes the specified issue from the newsstand content library.

func issue(withName: String) -> NKIssue?

Returns an issue of the newsstand content library specified by name.

var issues: [NKIssue]

Returns the current issues of the newsstand content library.