Instance Method


Removes the specified issue from the newsstand content library.


func removeIssue(_ issue: NKIssue)



An instance of NKIssue representing an issue in the newsstand content library.


When an issue is removed, any data at the file-system location identified by the issue’s content URL (accessed through the contentURL property of NKIssue) is deleted from disk. If you have issue content elsewhere in the application sandbox, it’s your responsibility to clean it up. Calling this method also cancels any asset downloads for that issue that are underway.

See Also

Managing Library Issues

func addIssue(withName: String, date: Date) -> NKIssue

Creates a newsstand issue and adds it to the content library.

var currentlyReadingIssue: NKIssue?

Accesses or sets the newsstand issue that the user is currently reading.

func issue(withName: String) -> NKIssue?

Returns an issue of the newsstand content library specified by name.

var issues: [NKIssue]

Returns the current issues of the newsstand content library.