An object used to specify whether a Today widget has content to display.


class NCWidgetController : NSObject


The NCWidgetController class defines an object that both a Today widget and the containing app that delivers the widget can use to specify whether the widget has content to display. Because this class helps a widget and its containing app coordinate the display of the widget’s content, a widget that doesn’t communicate with its containing app is unlikely to use this class.

Typically, a widget appears in the Today view when it has content to display. If a currently running widget no longer has content to display, it can get a widget controller and set the flag in the setHasContent(_:forWidgetWithBundleIdentifier:) method to false. If the containing app later determines that there is content this widget should display, the app can get a widget controller and update the flag, even while the widget isn’t running.

The NCWidgetController class should not be subclassed.


Getting a Widget Controller

class func widgetController() -> Self

Returns a widget controller used to specify whether a widget has content to display.

Specifying the Presence of Content

func setHasContent(Bool, forWidgetWithBundleIdentifier: String)

Sets whether the specified widget has content to display.


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