Create and manage widgets for the Today view.


The Notification Center framework helps you create and manage app extensions that implement Today widgets. The framework provides an API you can use to specify whether a Today widget has content to display, and to customize aspects of its appearance and behavior. In macOS, the Notification Center framework also provides ways to customize the editing and searching experience in a widget.

Widgets showing weather information in the Today view on iOS and macOS.

To learn more about creating a Today widget app extension, see the App Extension Programming Guide.


Core Widget

Building a Simple Widget for the Today View

Provide users with a glanceable look at your app’s data.

protocol NCWidgetProviding

The interface for customizing the appearance and behavior of a Today widget.

class NCWidgetController

An object used to specify whether a Today widget has content to display.

Search View

class NCWidgetSearchViewController

An object that provides a default search view within a macOS Today widget.

protocol NCWidgetSearchViewDelegate

The interface for enabling user searches in the search view controller of a macOS Today widget.

List View

class NCWidgetListViewController

An object that provides a list view for displaying content in a macOS Today widget.