Creates a pointer to a function that calls the specified block when the method is called.


func imp_implementationWithBlock(_ block: Any) -> IMP



The block that implements this method. The signature of block should be method_return_type ^(id self, self, method_args …). The selector of the method is not available to block. block is copied with Block_copy().

Return Value

The IMP that calls block. You must dispose of the returned IMP using the function.

See Also

Using Objective-C Language Features

func objc_enumerationMutation(Any)

Inserted by the compiler when a mutation is detected during a foreach iteration.

func imp_getBlock(IMP) -> Any?

Returns the block associated with an IMP that was created using imp_implementationWithBlock(_:).

func imp_removeBlock(IMP) -> Bool

Disassociates a block from an IMP that was created using imp_implementationWithBlock(_:), and releases the copy of the block that was created.

func objc_loadWeak(AutoreleasingUnsafeMutablePointer<AnyObject?>) -> Any?

Loads the object referenced by a weak pointer and returns it.