Removes all associations for a given object.


func objc_removeAssociatedObjects(_ object: Any)



An object that maintains associated objects.


The main purpose of this function is to make it easy to return an object to a "pristine state”. You should not use this function for general removal of associations from objects, since it also removes associations that other clients may have added to the object. Typically you should use objc_setAssociatedObject(_:_:_:_:) with a nil value to clear an association.

See Also

Associative References

func objc_setAssociatedObject(Any, UnsafeRawPointer, Any?, objc_AssociationPolicy)

Sets an associated value for a given object using a given key and association policy.

func objc_getAssociatedObject(Any, UnsafeRawPointer) -> Any?

Returns the value associated with a given object for a given key.