Instance Method


Decrements the receiver’s reference count.



- (oneway void)release;


The receiver is sent a dealloc message when its reference count reaches 0.

You would only implement this method to define your own reference-counting scheme. Such implementations should not invoke the inherited method; that is, they should not include a release message to super.

For more information on the reference counting mechanism, see Advanced Memory Management Programming Guide.

Special Considerations

Instead of using manual reference counting, you should adopt ARC—see Transitioning to ARC Release Notes.

See Also

Obsolete Methods

- retain

Increments the receiver’s reference count.


- autorelease

Decrements the receiver’s retain count at the end of the current autorelease pool block.


- retainCount

Do not use this method.


- zone

Zones are deprecated and ignored by most classes that have it as a parameter.


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