Instance Method


Invoked by setValue(_:forKey:) when it’s given a nil value for a scalar value (such as an int or float).


func setNilValueForKey(_ key: String)



The name of one of the receiver's properties.


Subclasses can override this method to handle the request in some other way, such as by substituting 0 or a sentinel value for nil and invoking setValue(_:forKey:) again or setting the variable directly. The default implementation raises an NSInvalidArgumentException.

See Also

Setting Values

func setValue(Any?, forKeyPath: String)

Sets the value for the property identified by a given key path to a given value.

func setValuesForKeys([String : Any])

Sets properties of the receiver with values from a given dictionary, using its keys to identify the properties.

func setValue(Any?, forKey: String)

Sets the property of the receiver specified by a given key to a given value.

func setValue(Any?, forUndefinedKey: String)

Invoked by setValue(_:forKey:) when it finds no property for a given key.