Instance Method


Returns the indices of the specified container objects.


- (NSArray<NSNumber *> *)indicesOfObjectsByEvaluatingObjectSpecifier:(NSScriptObjectSpecifier *)specifier;



An object specifier for the container objects for which to obtain the indices.

Return Value

A zero-based array of NSNumber objects that identify the zero-based indices of the container objects that match specifier, or nil if no matching objects were found.


Containers that want to evaluate some specifiers on their own should implement this method. If this method returns nil, the object specifier will go on to do its own evaluation, so you should only return nil if that's the behavior you want, or if an error occurs. If this method returns an array, the object specifier will use the NSNumber objects in it as the indices. So, if you evaluate the specifier and there are no objects that match, you should return an empty array, not nil. If you find only one object, you should still return its index in an array. Returning an array with a single index where the index is –1 is interpreted to mean all the objects.

For an example implementation, see "Implementing Object Specifiers" in Object Specifiers in Cocoa Scripting Guide

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