Type Method


Locates and returns the address of the implementation of the instance method identified by a given selector.


class func instanceMethod(for aSelector: Selector!) -> IMP!



A Selector that identifies the method for which to return the implementation address. The selector must be non-NULL and valid for the receiver. If in doubt, use the responds(to:) method to check before passing the selector to method(for:).

Return Value

The address of the implementation of the aSelector instance method.


An error is generated if instances of the receiver can’t respond to aSelector messages.

Use this method to ask the class object for the implementation of instance methods only. To ask the class for the implementation of a class method, send the method(for:) instance method to the class instead.

See Also

Obtaining Information About Methods

func method(for: Selector!) -> IMP!

Locates and returns the address of the receiver’s implementation of a method so it can be called as a function.