Instance Method


Supplies data to a CIImage object.


func provideImageData(_ data: UnsafeMutableRawPointer, bytesPerRow rowbytes: Int, origin x: Int, _ y: Int, size width: Int, _ height: Int, userInfo info: Any?)



A pointer to image data. Note that data[0] refers to the first byte of the requested subimage, not the larger image buffer.


The number of bytes per row.


The x origin of the image data.


The y origin of the image data.


The width of the image data.


The height of the image data.


User supplied data, which is optional.


You can supply the image provider to these methods of the CIImage class:

You initialize the given bitmap with the subregion specified by the arguments x, y, width, and height. The subregion uses the local coordinate space of the image, with the origin at the upper-left corner of the image. If you change the virtual memory mapping of the buffer specified by the data argument (such as by using vm_copy to modify it), the behavior is undefined.

That this callback always requests the full image data regardless of what is actually visible. All of the image is loaded or none of it is. The exception is when you create a tiled image by specifying the kCIImageProviderTileSize option. In this case, only the needed tiles are requested.

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