Instance Method


Returns the class of the value that will be returned for the specified binding.


- (Class)valueClassForBinding:(NSBindingName)binding;



The name of a binding.

Return Value

The class of the value that will be returned for binding.


This method is used by Interface Builder to determine the appropriate transformers for a binding.

Implementation of this method is optional.

See Also

Managing bindings

- bind:toObject:withKeyPath:options:

Establishes a binding between a given property of the receiver and the property of a given object specified by a given key path.

- optionDescriptionsForBinding:

Returns an array describing the options for the specified binding.

- infoForBinding:

Returns a dictionary describing the receiver’s binding.

- unbind:

Removes a given binding between the receiver and a controller.


Tests whether a given object is special marker object used for indicating the state of a selection in relation to a key.