Instance Method


Returns an array describing the options for the specified binding.


func optionDescriptionsForBinding(_ binding: NSBindingName) -> [NSAttributeDescription]



The name of a binding

Return Value

Returns an array of NSAttributeDescription that describe the options for binding.


The NSAttributeDescription instances in the array are used by Interface Builder to build the options editor user interface of the bindings inspector.

See Also

Managing bindings

func valueClassForBinding(NSBindingName) -> AnyClass?

Returns the class of the value that will be returned for the specified binding.

func bind(NSBindingName, to: Any, withKeyPath: String, options: [NSBindingOption : Any]?)

Establishes a binding between a given property of the receiver and the property of a given object specified by a given key path.

func infoForBinding(NSBindingName) -> [NSBindingInfoKey : Any]?

Returns a dictionary describing the receiver’s binding.

func unbind(NSBindingName)

Removes a given binding between the receiver and a controller.

func NSIsControllerMarker(Any?) -> Bool

Tests whether a given object is special marker object used for indicating the state of a selection in relation to a key.