Instance Method


Attempt to commit any currently edited results of the receiver.


- (void)commitEditingWithDelegate:(id)delegate didCommitSelector:(SEL)didCommitSelector contextInfo:(void *)contextInfo;


The receiver must have been registered as the editor of an object using objectDidBeginEditing:, and has not yet been unregistered by a subsequent invocation of objectDidEndEditing:. When the committing has either succeeded or failed, send the following message to the specified object. The didCommitSelector method must have the following method signature:

- (void)editor:(id)editor didCommit:(BOOL)didCommit contextInfo:(void *)contextInfo

If an error occurs while attempting to commit, for example if key-value coding validation fails, an implementation of this method should typically send the NSView in which editing is being done a presentError:modalForWindow:delegate:didRecoverSelector:contextInfo: message, specifying the view's containing window.

See Also

Managing Editing

- discardEditing

Causes the receiver to discard any changes, restoring the previous values.

- commitEditing

Returns whether the receiver was able to commit any pending edits.

- commitEditingAndReturnError:

Attempt to commit pending edits, returning an error in the case of failure.