Instance Method


Informs responders of a font change.


- (void)changeFont:(id)sender;



The object that sent the message.


Generally this change is because the user changed the font either in the selection of a rich text field or in a whole plain text field. Any object that contains a font the user can change must respond to the changeFont: message by sending a convertFont: message back to sender (an NSFontManager object) for each font in the selection. For more information, see Responding to Font Changes.

Be aware that selectedFont at this point may return unpredictable results. The font in this property may not be the last font selected, or there may be multiple fonts selected at the time changeFont: is called. The use of selectedFont from within changeFont: is strongly discouraged.

See Also

Converting Fonts Automatically

- convertFont:

Converts the given font according to the object that initiated a font change, typically the Font panel or Font menu.