Instance Method


Requests permission from the Font panel delegate to display the given font name in the Font panel.


func fontManager(_ sender: Any, willIncludeFont fontName: String) -> Bool



The font manager making the request.


The full PostScript name of the font to display, such as Helvetica-BoldOblique or Helvetica-Narrow-Bold.

Return Value

If the Font panel delegate returns true, fontName is listed; if the delegate returns false, it isn’t.


In macOS versions 10.2 and earlier, this method is invoked repeatedly as necessary whenever the Font panel needs updating, such as when the Font panel is first loaded, and when the user selects a family name to see which typefaces in that family are available. Your implementation should execute fairly quickly to ensure the responsiveness of the Font panel.

See Also

Managing the Font Panel and Font Menu

var isEnabled: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates if the font conversion system’s user interface items (the Font panel and Font menu items) are enabled.

func fontPanel(Bool) -> NSFontPanel?

Returns the application’s shared Font panel object, optionally creating it if necessary.

func setFontMenu(NSMenu)

Records the given menu as the application’s Font menu.

func fontMenu(Bool) -> NSMenu?

Returns the menu that’s hooked up to the font conversion system, optionally creating it if necessary.