Instance Method


Returns localized text descriptions of the pane’s current settings.


- (NSDictionary *)summaryInfo;

Return Value

A dictionary containing key-value pairs that describe your custom pane’s settings and their current values. Each key in the dictionary must be an NSString object providing the name of a setting. The key’s corresponding value must be an NSString object describing the current value of the setting. For example, a key in the dictionary for the Copies and Pages pane might be @"Page Range" and the corresponding value might be @"1 to 5". The strings should be localized for the current user.

Users expect Print dialog panes to provide summary information, so you are encouraged to provide summary information for your custom pane. If for some compelling reason you do not want to do so, you may return nil.


In this method, you should return localized text descriptions of your custom pane’s current settings for display in the Summary pane of the Print dialog. This method is required only if your pane is displayed in Print dialog.

The order in which your pane’s settings are listed in the Summary pane is arbitrary. However, you can specify the order by adding an extra key-value pair to the dictionary you return. The key should be the string constant SUMMARY_DISPLAY_ORDER. The value associated with this key should be an array that contains the names of all your settings in the order you desire. This feature is supported in macOS 10.5 and later.