Instance Method


Declares that the pane supports one or more PPD options.


- (NSArray *)supportedPPDOptionKeys;

Return Value

An array of strings declaring the PPD options that this pane supports.


In this optional method, a custom pane in the Print dialog can inform the printing system that the pane provides a user interface for one or more options in the destination printer’s PPD file. PPD option keys are strings defined in the PPD file. For example, to declare that the pane supports a single PPD option named OutputBin, this method could return:

NSArray *myOptionArray = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"OutputBin", nil];

After all the Print dialog panes are loaded, the printing system creates a user interface for any remaining unclaimed PPD options and presents a user interface for these options in the Print dialog’s Printer Features pane. Printer vendors are encouraged to support as many of these unclaimed PPD options as possible. If you intend to support a PPD option, you must declare it when this method is invoked.