Instance Method


Requests a change in the value of a PPD option.


- (BOOL)willChangePPDOptionKeyValue:(NSString *)option ppdChoice:(NSString *)choice;



The main key for an option in the printer's PPD file.


The new value of the specified option.

Return Value

YES if the specified choice is accepted; otherwise NO.


You should send this message to the receiver whenever your PDE or the user requests a change in the value of a PPD option for the current print job. A return value of YES indicates that the printing system accepts the change, and the change has been recorded in the print settings object and the CUPS PPD file object. Note that your PDE should not attempt to modify the print settings or the CUPS PPD file object directly; the printing system handles this task for you.

If the desired choice is in conflict with other currently selected PPD options, the printing system tries to resolve the conflict. This may include presenting the user with a dialog explaining the conflict and allowing the user to cancel the change. A return value of NO indicates that the printing system rejects the change, and you should ensure that the user interface representing the option reverts to the value prior to the requested change.

Special Considerations

If your PDE is running in OS X v10.4, this method is available but does nothing.