Instance Method


If this method is implemented and returns false, NSToolbar will disable theItem; returning true causes theItem to be enabled.


func validateToolbarItem(_ item: NSToolbarItem) -> Bool


NSToolbar only calls this method for image items.

If the receiver is the target for the actions of multiple toolbar items, it’s necessary to determine which toolbar item theItem refers to by testing the itemIdentifier.

-(BOOL)validateToolbarItem:(NSToolbarItem *)toolbarItem
    BOOL enable = NO;
    if ([[toolbarItem itemIdentifier] isEqual:SaveDocToolbarItemIdentifier]) {
        // We will return YES (enable the save item)
        // only when the document is dirty and needs saving
        enable = [self isDocumentEdited];
    } else if ([[toolbarItem itemIdentifier] isEqual:NSToolbarPrintItemIdentifier]) {
        // always enable print for this window
        enable = YES;
    return enable;

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