Type Method


Returns a new instance of the receiving class.


+ (instancetype)alloc;

Return Value

A new instance of the receiver.


This is an instance variable of the new instance that is initialized to a data structure describing the class; memory for all other instance variables is set to 0.

You must use an init... method to complete the initialization process. For example:

TheClass *newObject = [[TheClass alloc] init];

Do not override alloc to include initialization code. Instead, implement class-specific versions of init... methods.

For historical reasons, alloc invokes allocWithZone:.

See Also

Creating, Copying, and Deallocating Objects

+ allocWithZone:

Returns a new instance of the receiving class.

- init

Implemented by subclasses to initialize a new object (the receiver) immediately after memory for it has been allocated.

- copy

Returns the object returned by copyWithZone:.

+ copyWithZone:

Returns the receiver.

- mutableCopy

Returns the object returned by mutableCopyWithZone: where the zone is nil.

+ mutableCopyWithZone:

Returns the receiver.

- dealloc

Deallocates the memory occupied by the receiver.

+ new

Allocates a new instance of the receiving class, sends it an init message, and returns the initialized object.

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