Instance Property


The path of the element, in screen coordinates.


@NSCopying var accessibilityPath: UIBezierPath? { get set }


The default value of this property is nil. If no path is set, the accessibility frame rectangle is used to highlight the element.

When you specify a value for this property, the assistive technology uses the path object you specify (in addition to the accessibility frame, and not in place of it) to highlight the element.

See Also

Navigating Elements


Provide a set of methods that view subclasses use to make subcomponents accessible as separate elements.

var accessibilityActivationPoint: CGPoint

The activation point for the accessibility element, in screen coordinates.

var accessibilityFocusedUIElement: Any?

The deepest descendant of the accessibility hierarchy that has the focus.

var accessibilityFrame: CGRect

The frame of the accessibility element, in screen coordinates.

func accessibilityHitTest(NSPoint) -> Any?

Returns the deepest descendant of the accessibility hierarchy that contains the specified point.

var accessibilityNavigationStyle: UIAccessibilityNavigationStyle

The navigation style to apply to the object and its elements.

enum UIAccessibilityNavigationStyle

Constants that describe how an object’s elements should be navigated by an assistive technology.

static func zoomFocusChanged(zoomType: UIAccessibility.ZoomType, toFrame: CGRect, in: UIView)

Notifies the system that the app’s focus has changed to a new location.

enum UIAccessibility.ZoomType

The types of system zoom that can be in effect.