Instance Property


The activation point for the accessibility element, in screen coordinates.


@property(nonatomic) CGPoint accessibilityActivationPoint;


The default value for this property is the midpoint of the accessibility element’s frame, which is given by the accessibilityFrame property. The activation point for an element is the specific area VoiceOver activates when a user double-taps the element.

The ability to specify an activation point allows an element to present to VoiceOver different points in different circumstances without changing how the element presents itself. For example, the standard activation point for a Home screen app icon is the midpoint of the icon. But when the user is rearranging icons on the Home screen, the activation point changes to the midpoint of the remove control (that is, to the circled X in the upper-left corner of the icon).

Use this property to ensure that the activation point for a small element remains accurate even if you present a larger version of the element to VoiceOver.

See Also

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