Instance Method


Sends a message to the receiver with an object as the argument.



func perform(_ aSelector: Selector!, with object: Any!) -> Unmanaged<AnyObject>!



A selector identifying the message to send. If aSelector is NULL, an invalidArgumentException is raised.


An object that is the sole argument of the message.

Return Value

An object that is the result of the message.


This method is the same as perform(_:) except that you can supply an argument for aSelector. aSelector should identify a method that takes a single argument of type id. For methods with other argument types and return values, use NSInvocation.

See Also

Sending Messages

func perform(Selector!) -> Unmanaged<AnyObject>!

Sends a specified message to the receiver and returns the result of the message.


func perform(Selector!, with: Any!, with: Any!) -> Unmanaged<AnyObject>!

Sends a message to the receiver with two objects as arguments.


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