An ODNode object serves as a Cocoa wrapper for an Open Directory node.


class ODNode : NSObject


Creating and Initializing a Node

init(session: ODSession!, name: String!)

Creates a node object with a specified session and name.

init(session: ODSession!, type: ODNodeType)

Creates a node object with a specified session and type.

Querying a Node

func customCall(Int, send: Data!) -> Data

Returns the result of a custom call to the node.

func nodeDetails(forKeys: [Any]!) -> [AnyHashable : Any]

Returns a dictionary containing details about a node.

var nodeName: String!

The node’s name.

func subnodeNames() -> [Any]

Returns the names of subnodes for the node.

func unreachableSubnodeNames() -> [Any]

Returns an array of the subnodes of a given node that are currently unreachable.

Managing Node Records

func record(withRecordType: String!, name: String!, attributes: Any!) -> ODRecord

Returns a record from the node with a specified type and name.

func supportedAttributes(forRecordType: String!) -> [Any]

Returns an array of attribute types supported by the node’s records.

func supportedRecordTypes() -> [Any]

Returns an array of the record types supported by the node.


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