Sends an info-level message to the logging system.


#define os_log_info(log, format, ...)



The OS_LOG_DEFAULT constant or a custom log object previously created by the os_log_create function.


A constant string or format string that produces a human-readable log message. See Formatting Log Messages.


Call this function to capture information that may be helpful, but isn’t essential, for troubleshooting. Info-level messages sent by this function are initially stored in memory. Without a configuration change, they are not moved to the data store as memory buffers fill. They are, however, captured in the data store when faults and, optionally, errors occur. When info-level messages are added to the data store, they remain there until the storage quota is exceeded, at which point, the oldest messages are purged.

Calling this function is equivalent to calling the os_log_with_type function and specifying a log type of OS_LOG_TYPE_INFO. Note that lengthy log messages may be truncated when stored by the logging system.

See Also

Generating Log Messages


Sends a default-level message to the logging system.


Sends a debug-level message to the logging system.


Sends an error-level message to the logging system.


Sends a fault-level message to the logging system.


Sends a message at a specific logging level, such as default, info, debug, error, or fault, to the logging system.

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