Reading UNIX Manual Pages

Use the Terminal app to read the documentation for low-level UNIX tools and APIs.


The UNIX online manual, known as the man pages, documents low-level UNIX command-line tools, APIs, and file formats. If you’re working at the lowest levels of the system, don’t miss out on this rich source of information.

Display a Man Page in the Terminal App

Type man and the name of a tool or API whose documentation you want to access, and press Return.

Two Terminal windows, the first showing the command to enter and the second showing the result.

Because the man page is larger than the window, Terminal displays only the first part of the page. Press Space to display subsequent parts, or press Q to exit the man tool.

Search a Specific Section

Section 1 of the man pages covers command-line tools, section 2 covers system calls, section 3 covers user-space libraries, and so on. If you don’t specify a section, man displays the page from the first section that has a matching entry. For example, the following command displays the man page for the open command-line tool.

man open

If you want to get the man page for the open system call, specify section 2.

man 2 open

If you’re not sure which section to use, do a keyword search using the -k option. For example, the following command shows all the man pages that mention open.

man -k open

Learn More About Man Pages

The man command-line tool has its own man page, which is a good place to learn more about this feature.

man man