A single entry from the unified logging system.


class OSLogEntry : NSObject


Accessing Log Entry Data

var composedMessage: String

The fully formatted message for the entry.

var date: Date

The timestamp of the entry.

Accessing Store Categories

var storeCategory: OSLogEntry.StoreCategory

The current log entry's storage tag.

enum OSLogEntry.StoreCategory

A classification of how the entry was to be stored and rotated at the point when it was created.


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See Also

Log Entries

class OSLogEntryActivity

An entry generated by an activity event.

class OSLogEntryBoundary

The metadata that partitions sequences of other entries.

class OSLogEntrySignpost

An entry containing a signpost.

protocol OSLogEntryFromProcess

A protocol that defines subclasses containing metadata about a process.

protocol OSLogEntryWithPayload

A protocol defining subclasses that represent entries made using a handle and a format string.