A log entry.


class OSLogEntryLog : OSLogEntry


These log entries are generated by the os_log API. To learn more about how to generate a log entry, see os_log(_:dso:log:_:_:) and os_log(_:dso:log:type:_:).


Accessing Log Levels

var level: OSLogEntryLog.Level

The log level of the entry.

enum OSLogEntryLog.Level

The log level at which the entry was generated.

See Also

Log Entries

class OSLogEntry

A single entry from the unified logging system.

class OSLogEntryActivity

An entry generated by an activity event.

class OSLogEntryBoundary

The metadata that partitions sequences of other entries.

class OSLogEntrySignpost

An entry containing a signpost.

protocol OSLogEntryFromProcess

A protocol that defines subclasses containing metadata about a process.

protocol OSLogEntryWithPayload

A protocol defining subclasses that represent entries made using a handle and a format string.