An entry containing a signpost.


class OSLogEntrySignpost : OSLogEntry


These entries are created by the os_signpost API. To learn more about signposts and how to create a signpost entry, see os_signpost(_:dso:log:name:signpostID:) and os_signpost(_:dso:log:name:signpostID:_:_:).


Accessing Signpost Details

var signpostName: String

The signpost's name.

Accessing Signpost Types

See Also

Log Entries

class OSLogEntry

A single entry from the unified logging system.

class OSLogEntryActivity

An entry generated by an activity event.

class OSLogEntryBoundary

The metadata that partitions sequences of other entries.

protocol OSLogEntryFromProcess

A protocol that defines subclasses containing metadata about a process.

protocol OSLogEntryWithPayload

A protocol defining subclasses that represent entries made using a handle and a format string.